Welcome to this enchanting little paradise, where romance, tranquility, and serenity take center stage.

As a mother of four children and a working woman, I understand the feeling of getting caught up in the rat race. The daily rush... to daycare, school, work, and the list goes on. But occasionally, we all need some time to relax. Time when we don't have to keep one eye constantly on the kids. A few days spent in romantic bliss, indulging in a wellness experience without any rush, engaging in adult activities, exploring a new area at our own pace, tasting fine wines, and perhaps having a candlelit dinner.

We designed Tündérliget Panzió with you in mind, so that you can leave behind the noisy weekdays and find complete harmony and relaxation in our adult-friendly environment. Here, you can truly experience the wonder that the Valley of Healing Waters offers.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues, I wish you a pleasant and rejuvenating stay at Tündérliget Panzió!

With love:

Edit Tóth-Szabó

Owner, manager