Wellness on the hill

Finnish sauna

Real refreshment for both body and soul. The place where time is infinite. There are no minutes, rest is the main role here.

It is proven to have a good effect on heart function, immune system and skin, but also on nervous system problems: it is also a good method against stress and insomnia. Bacteria and viruses are killed in hot and dry air. It helps our body get rid of waste products.

However, people with blood circulation disorders, heart problems, epileptics, kidney and serious heart patients, acute arthritis or high blood pressure should use the sauna with caution.

Jacuzzi under the trees

Warm water in itself has a stress-relieving and relaxing effect. When all this is combined with an idyllic setting, the feeling is priceless.

Hydromassage relaxes tense muscles and stimulates endorphin production, which is also known as the body's natural pain reliever. In warm water, the temperature of the body rises, the blood circulation accelerates, the blood pressure drops, the amount of oxygen and nutrients supplied to the cells increases several times, therefore it has a good effect on blood circulation and metabolic disorders.

It naturally calms and promotes deep and restful sleep, ensuring a rejuvenating rest.

Salt therapy cave

The cave carved into the hillside with small alcoves and resting spots is already a curiosity in itself. It is further enhanced by the walls made of salt bricks, the salt fountain, the gentle music, and the constant temperature of 18°C.

Inhaling the salty air has an anti-inflammatory effect. The inhaled salt crystals facilitate the self-cleansing of the respiratory passages. Chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, colds, sore throat, and sinusitis can be effectively treated in the special microclimate provided by the salt cave.

The use of the salt room is not only recommended for patients. If someone lives or works in a place with smoggier, more polluted air, they can spend up to an hour to strengthen their immune system.

However, it is not recommended for individuals with acute, febrile infectious conditions, severe hypertension, severe heart failure, or renal failure, as well as those who suffer from asthma.